Monday, May 11, 2015

It's a...

door!  I'm so excited about adding this door between our room and the bathroom.  Michael gets us way before me and the light goes right in my face.  We've had a curtain up, and it helps...a little.

Ravinia - Laurie Berkner

We took the girls to see Laurie Berkner today at Ravinia.  They loved twirling in the lawn and having a picnic.

Who will win?

Can Fred free the Mystery Machine?
 Will the Pirates or the Dogs eat the Mystery Incorporated Gang?
 OH NO! They've thrown the anchor!
 Now we've got you!  Fred's going to need a pretty good trap to get out of this one.

Field Trip to the Kohl's Museum.

Independence Grove and Spray Park

It was such a nice day that we started the morning off at Independence Grove and after naps headed to the spray park.

 At leasts she's in the water now and not just the sandbox.
 Lily loves the water.

Vernon Hills Days

Lily loves the rides, she gets so excited for each one.

She started to feel a little green on the teacups.  Once she got off, she wanted another ride.

This is fun!

Bouncing is fun, but...

 Let's make it a fort!