Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Emma & Lydia!

Happy 4th birthday Emma! We got to see Emma yesterday to celebrate her birthday. She's getting so big! She had her birthday party last weekend at Chuck E Cheese (see previous post).

Happy 1st birthday Lydia! We went to Lydia's 1st birthday party today. It was a birthday party for a little while and then a Halloween party. There were a lot of people dressed up for both. Lily didn't know what to think of the costumes and when she saw Brad (dressed as the Joker), she pretty much made up her mind that she didn't want to be there. It only got worse for her when she would recognize someones voice, but they didn't look like themselves. We didn't stay very long, and I felt bad. I hope you had a great 1st birthday Lydia.

I've been slacking with the camera lately, it didn't come out for either get together.


With the bad wind we had our neighbors fence was damaged, the grill was pushed a bit across the deck and a bunch of sticks everywhere. Thought the back gate was broken, it just blew open. These were taken at night, in the morning there was another part of the fence that was down. I'll get better pictures when it's daylight.

Big Girl Bed

Lily's big girl bed arrived today. Michael put it together in the living room since we needed to finish the stripes in her room. This was Lily checking out her bed for the first time. She now crawls up on her bed on a regular basis, but we haven't made the switch yet. Lily wanted to put all her babies on the bed with her.

Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

Emma had her birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, we were a little late due to Lily's nap. Lily had a good time, running from game to game and trying a little bit of everything.

Halloween Party

We had my company's Halloween party today. We didn't get there until late because Lily had her tumbling class. I think it was the right amount of time for her. She was a little afraid of the "haunted" house, but Michael was able to coax her in. She played games, got a tattoo, won prizes, made some crafts and had her first Oreo cookie.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A little bit of everything

Lily was practicing the tumbling she's been learning in her class.

Winnie kisses!

Having fun at the park

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Winnie

Happy 7th Birthday Winnie! I can't believe that we adopted her 5 years ago. Winnie is doing great and she looks wonderful. Bean and Winnie are still best friends, and she's a great big sister to Lily. I can't wait to see what she's like with Olivia.

Doctor's Appointments

We had another doctor's appointment today. Everything is on target with Olivia (weight, measurements, etc). I'm feeling pretty good besides my ears feeling like they need to pop all the time and the terrible charlie horses in the middle of the night. Dr. T did mention that we will be doing another ultrasound around 35 weeks or so to check on Olivia's size. Our due date is still February 2nd.

Goebberts Pumpking Farm

Today we went to Goebberts in South Barrington, it was amazing! We got there early so we would have plenty of time to see everything before it got crowded. When we first walked in there were a bunch of wood carvings of animals, of course Lily ran up to Big Bird and Elmo. I haven't downloaded those videos yet, but when I do, I'll update this post. We walked around and picked out our pumpkins and then headed over to the petting zoo area. We got to see the Giraffe and baby Giraffe before moving on to the Corn maze and then the separate petting zoos. If you haven't been to Goebberts before there's a ramp you can go up and be eye level with the Giraffes and can fee them. They had everything from a baby tigers to zebras to llamas. Lily had a lot of fun feeding them. We will definitely be going back there next year. It did start to get busy as we were leavings, so I recommend going early.

Oktoberfest Long Grove

We went to Oktoberfest in Long Grove today. It was a beautiful day, we've been very fortunate that all the outdoor stuff we've wanted to do we've had sunny days. We did a lot of walking around, shopping, fed the ducks and Emma and Lily did a little dancing. We tried to get a picture of Jack, Emma and Lily, but as you can see that didnt' happen.

Apple picking

We tried out the Heinz Apple Orchard today for apple picking. Heinz is located in Green Oaks (next to Libertyville), and is just a small family owned orchard. Lily had a great time, it was a big difference from last year when we just carried her around in the Ergo.

Happy 40th Birthday Theresa!

Honk I'm 40!
October 10th, Happy 40th Birthday sister! :) I went to decorate her car on Friday, since I wouldn't see her on Sunday (we have a wedding to attend). I figured she'd have to drive around all weekend with it on. While I was out there decorating, one of the guys went and told her that there was a pregnant lady putting graffiti all over her car. They wanted to know if they should call the police or not. :) Theresa came out and caught me.

Happy 4th Birthday Carter

October 4th!
Happy 4th Birthday Carter! Carter had a Toy Story birthday party. He's obsessed with Toy Story. He's going to be Woody for Halloween...again! Carter had a great time and got a lot of Toy Story presents. The kids got to play pin the face on the potato, while the adults played a few games of bags.

Congratulations Steve (Pudge) & Amber

October 3rd, Pudge and Amber got married. They came back here to have their wedding, and will be heading back to Arizona in a few days. They had a beautiful ceremony and reception. Congratulations!

no more braces!

September 28th,
again...I got my braces off today, for the 3rd and final time. :) I will be one of those mom's that will be on my girls to wear their retainer 24/7! I only had braces on the top this time, for the same issue I had in the beginning. I did get a permanent retainer this time, so we should be good.


September 26th, Happy Birthday Dad!
We had a surprise 40th Birthday party for Theresa today at mom & dad's. She thought she would be heading over to see dad for his birthday, and there we all were. :) She was surprised, and we all went back to the 70's for a good time. I didn't get a picture of all the 70's decorations, my camera wasn't out much since I was so busy.

Brunch, Cake, Gender reveal

September 25th, Will it be Finn or Olivia?
We had our ultrasound on Tuesday, and had the tech put the gender in an envelope and seal it. We took it to the bakery for them to make us a cake. If it's a boy the inside would be blue, and a girl pink, had the ultrasound picture put on the top of the cake. We invited our families over for brunch and the cake reveal. I had 2 gifts for Michael. If it was a girl I had an "Olivia" book and if it was a boy a onesie that said "Future Sigma Chi".

Bean's Vet appointment

September 25th,
Bean went to the vet today for a regular check up. They did blood work to test her liver levels (as usual) and some other tests since she's now considered a senior. She does have early signs of arthritis in her back legs, she's slowing down and her eyes are starting to get a little cloudy. Bean will be 10 in December.

Lily's 1st haircut

Michael and I finally agreed that it was time to take Lily in for her long overdue haircut. We were worried on how she'd do since she has serious stranger danger. We brought her woobie with and bought her a pretzel thinking we would need to bribe her to sit still. We went to Kidsnips in the mall. They get to sit in little cars and watch a movie while they get their haircut. Lily picked out Pop-Go The Wiggles. She never made a peep! She watched the movie and ate her pretzel and was happy as could be. I hope we have as much luck next time.