Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting Big!

4.28.11 - Happy 3 months!

Olivia still hates the teddy bear! She's getting so big and is so much fun right now. Lily keeps telling her that she's doing a great job! She's really starting to talk and find her voice.

Olivia's Baptism

5.1.11 - We had Olivia baptised today at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Libertyville. Olivia was great during the ceremony, even took a little nap during. That's where the "sweet Olivia" we know ended. She had a blow out after the blessing, and then was fussy, and fussy, and fussy! She didn't settle back down until late that evening. Michael and I split comforting duty during the party we were having for her. She was overtired and just not happy. Sorry to Chris & Gwen for not getting any real pictures of you with your goddaughter. God Bless our sweet little Olivia Pearl!

Poor Winnie!

Winnie had to have surgery for a torn ACL. She's doing great with her recovery. I think Michael and I are having a harder time with it than her. It's not easy lugging her 50lb body up and down the stairs. We have to do it for at least 8 weeks! Even after the surgery she looks great. Her recovery is going well and she's starting to act more like the old Winnie. She's got a little more spunk in her step now. Winnie doesn't like to be crated, so trying to keep her confined was a bit of a challenge for us. We've come home twice and she managed to get over the children's gates that we had put up. We now just gate her on the lower level to keep her off the stairs and from jumping over the gates. We never would've thought she was that spry.


We've been busy with some house projects lately. We've had a new roof put on. Our old deck ripped out and a paver patio put in. New 6 panel doors and replaced all the trim on the first floor and put up some crown molding. Just when we thought we were done, we decided to have the paneling removed from the family room. WHAT A MESS! The room looks amazing!