Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to me! :)

Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes and for helping me celebrate.  I had a great day with good people, food and weather...can't ask for more.  I think Lily and Emma had the best time playing "Peter Pan" with Uncle Chris.

Happy 2nd Birthday Jack!

Happy 2nd Birthday Jack!  We hope that you got everything you could ever want and more.

Happy Birthday Shawn!

7.31.11 - Happy Birthday Shawn!  We love and miss you dearly.  We hope Seoul is treating you well and that you're taking some time to explore (besides the pubs).  Please be safe soldier.  Love, Uncle Michael, Aunt Tracey, Lily & Olivia.

Happy 2nd Bithday Jack

Grandma J just arrived from Florida and came to Jack's Party
What is a summer birthday party without a little pool time?
Presents and cake!

7.31.11 - We celebrated Jack's 2nd birthday today.  He's getting to be such a big boy.  Olivia and I had to leave early because it was past her bedtime.  Jack had a great time and loved all his presents.  Grandma J had arrived earlier and came straight to the party.

Lencioni Family Picnic

 Having a "Splash"
 Olivia getting her feet wet with Aunt Judy...and eating shark.
 Golf Kart rides
 Lily and Jack playing in the playground
 Patti getting some cuddle time with Olivia.  Not sure which one is happier.

Lencioni Family Picnic - Thank you again to Mark and Liz who opened their home to all of us to host the annual Lencioni Family picnic.  It was a beautiful day and everyone had a great time. It's so nice to see everyone and catch up.  We look forward to doing it again next year.

Monday, September 12, 2011

We took Lily (and Olivia) to see the Wiggles.  You can't tell from the picture, but she was dancing in the aisle, it was so cute!  Olivia was great and slept for a little while during the show, and Lily sang and danced.  Anthony is still Lily's favorite and she was very excited to see him.  We didn't tell her we were going to the show, and when we walked in and she saw the banner she yelled out "The Wiggles".  It was so cute! Michael and I never thought that our concerts would go from Sigur Rós to the Wiggles. :) 

Happy 6 Months!

Olivia is getting so big!  She's a very happy baby!  I'll post development updates later after I catch up.

7.23.11 - Happy Birthday Gwen!  We celebrated with Gwen and were able to enjoy some time outside (it wasn't a crazy hot day).  Hope you had a nice birthday!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Olivia tried her cereal and seemed to like it, but I think she was more interested in chewing on the spoon.

Vernon Hills Days

Lily is now tall enough to ride some of the rides at the fair.  We just need to remember that she's only 2 and that she can ride them by height, but may not be ready for them.  She had a great time on everything...well mostly.  Lily and Emma were doing great on the teacups and then towards the end Lily started to look a little green so we asked them to stop the ride so she could get off.  She seemed fine after a few minutes and still wanted to go on rides. ;)  In the beginning of the video you can hear her laughing and having a great time...and then you can tell by the look on her face...not so much!

New Edition to the family!

Michael and I briefly talked about the possibility of adding to our family.  I wasn't emotionally ready for a new dog, but Winnie was extremely lonely.  We went out to the Animal House Shelter in Huntley (Where we got Winnie 6 years ago) to look at "Rose".  She was the only dog that we considered.  Michael and Lily headed out to see how she was with kids and to see if she was a dog we would want to take home with us.  Olivia and I met him there along with Winnie.  Winnie and Rose seemed to get along just fine.  Michael and I were discussing if we were doing the right thing, we didn't put much thought into it, was it too impulsive, etc.  We look down to see Rose lean over and lick Winnie's face.  That was it, I was sold.  We've changed her name to London.  London is a Boxer Mix, around 2 years old (we think she's younger than that),  shes a very sweet dog and we will have our work cut out for us.  London seems to be adjusting well to her new home, we shall see.  Winnie now has a little spunk in her step and seems to like her new sister.  There have been many  adjustments this year for Winnie, but she sees to be taking it in stride. 

Summer Fun!

Lake County Fielders game, feeding ducks and playing wit "ducks" in the bathtub.

Happy Birthday Jimy

Happy Birthday to my big brother Jimy!

Happy 4th of July!

We started the day off with breakfast at Chris & Gwen's and then walked over to see the parade.  Lily had a great time watching the parade as well as getting the candy with Jack and Emma.  Olivia was great and easily entertained.  Olivia and I left when the fire and tow trucks came as they were too loud for her.  The kids had fun playing in the water later in the afternoon, and of course all the food that we had for dinner.  Olivia and I didn't make it for fireworks as she goes to bed at 7pm.  Michael and Lily joined his family to watch them.  I did get to see the Libertyville fireworks from our back yard.

Thank you again Chris & Gwen for having us over.

Happy 4th!

We went to Amber and John's for a great Pig Roast (head and all). We all enjoyed the spray tent, food and company.  We didn't get to stay for the fireworks because Olivia need to get home for bed.  I did hear that they put on a great show.

We look forward to doing it again next year.  Thank you again Amber and John.

Castle Park!  We took Lily and Olivia to the Castle Park in Vernon Hills today, of course it had to be one of the hottest days of the summer and no shade.  We didn't last very long but will take many more trips there.  Lily loved walking around looking for Princess Pea, it was so cute!