Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy 5 months!

June 28th - Olivia is 5 months old!

Olivia is getting bigger every day.  She's a great eater and sleeper, loves to chew on her fingers and pretty much anything in sight.  She rolls when she wants to and is becoming very chatty.  She truly is a great baby, we're very fortunate.  

She's getting much better with the bear each month.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Michael

June 29 - Happy Birthday Michael!

We celebrated by having family over for food, drink and games.  The kids had a good time playing with the water table and the gym outside.  Michael also got to have part of his dinner from the Smokehouse in Libertyville.  I don't think he'll be eating pulled pork anytime soon after he gets through all the left overs. :)

Let's watch them grow

We planted a Dogwood tree in our front yard.  Our plan is to eventually (when I'm ready) bury Bean under the tree.  I had Lily stand next to it so you can see really how small it is.  It'll be nice to see how she and the tree grow over the years. Instead of taking pictures with the teddy bear every year, I'll take a picture of the girls by the tree.

Miss you Bean!

get in my mouth

Olivia loves her fingers and even tries to get both hands in there at the same time.


Lily and Olivia were having a "silly" day.  It was very entertaining.

Libertyville Days!

We took Olivia and Lily to Libertyville days today, Lily had a great time.  She did much better this time than she did at Vernon Hill's days.  She even made it down the big slide this time, granted it was smaller, but that's ok. Walked around the art fair and stopped at Lovin' Oven for cookies. YUM!