Saturday, September 29, 2012

Christmas at the Janzen's

babies stroller

mom after FOREVER in trying to get some family pictures. :)

mmm...gingerbread house

Christmas morning

Cookies, carrots and milk

Olivia's 1st Christmas!
What do you mean I'm supposed to open them?



A chest full of dress up stuff!


Lily finding her Elf on a Shelf


Christmas Eve (2)

Another Christmas tradition with Michael's family to to read Christmas stories before the kids go to bed.  Emma wanted to read with us this year as well.  Michael's dad shares a letter he writes or an article he feels is fitting for all of us.

Christmas Eve


Lily hugging Santa.  He stopped at the house before he headed out on his sleigh.

Robb very proudly showing off that Lily handed her woobie to him.  This isn't something she does easily.

1 of many failed attempts to get a pictures with grandma & grandpa

Lydia kept calling Olivia "baby" all night and wanted to holder her and have her sit on her lap.  She might be 2.5 years older, but Olivia wasn't almost as big as her. :)

Nothing like the kids in the big tub.  They were playing hide-n-seek.

grandpa where's my milk?
Lily trying to get Lydia to twirl with her.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Rice Crispy Gingerbread house

Rice Crispy Gingerbread house.  I think there was more in her belly, then on the plate. :)


Lily made ornaments for her grandparents and us for Christmas.
Olivia watched.

Santa came to visit

Lily was so excited to open the door and see Santa there with presents for her and Olivia.

Lawry's & Christmas Carol

ho! ho! ho!