Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Girls in their Cubs gear for the Dad's
 Grandpa & Olivia
Lily helping Grandpa opening presents
 Lily opening Daddy's presents
 Olivia checking out the sand for the first time.
 Lily playing with the sand
Grandpa and all his grandkids!

We started our Father's Day celebration on Saturday with my dad.  Mom and dad came over for breakfast and spent some time with the girls.  Sunday, was breakfast alone and then off to the spray park.  Dinner at the Janzen's and then home for the girls bedtime.  Busy days!  I hope all the dad's had a great Father's day.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Lily telling grandma "It's not working" because she couldn't find the duck that's usually in the bath tub.
Mom telling us that Olivia doesn't mind being held that way...until she started to cry. ;)

No, that's not a duplicat entry.  Happy Birthday Mom!  Today is my mom's birthday.  It makes for a busy 2 days having the mom's birthday's back to back.  Sorry mom no party for you this year, we're still recovering from last years. 

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy XX Birthday mom! :)  Michael's dad decided to throw a small surprise party for Linda.  He was a nervous wreck, but everything went well and she was surprised.  Gwen and Dick did a lot of work preparing for the party.  As Lily would say "Great job"! 

4 months old!

YAY!  She wasn't afraid of the bear this month! Olivia did great at her 4month check up.  Her head measures in the 75 percentile, height is 95th percentile and her weight was only the 30th percentile.  It's a far cry from Lily's 95 - 100% (and she's still at those levels).

Parks, Wagon rides and water table

Off to the park!

YAY! Wagon ride!
Independence Grove Beach
Hi Leeva!

Spray park in Mundelein.  The water was a little cold.
More water
Squirt guns

Let's Play!

Lily and Olivia are going to have a lot of fun with their new play set that we had put up for them. I can't believe it only took 2 guys around 6 hours to install. We would still be working on it.

Happy 21st Birthday Ryan!

Happy 21st Birthday Ryan!  Sorry I couldn't make it to the pub to celebrate with you!  We hope you had a great time, and didn't get too sick. :)  Love you!

Happy Birthday Chris!

Happy Birthday Chris!  Sorry I didn't get any picturs today, the battery died.  We hope you had a great Birthday!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dress up, Bumbo and Sisters!

Lily is still in the loving phase of Olivia.  She has to kiss Olivia every morning when she wakes up.  She wants to have her around when she's playing and if given the opportunity, she includes her.  Lily fits in the Bumbo better now then when she was younger.  We'll enjoy this little love fest while it lasts. :)

Finally! Warm weather!

We finally had a nice day out so we headed out to Independence Grove for a picnic, paddle boats and a nice walk.  We also captured Olivia rolling over.

Bumper Cars and Big Slides! Oh My!

There was a little festival at Hawthorn Mall today, so we took the girls. Lily did well with the bumper cars, and wanted to go on the slide...until she got to the top. Michael had to walk her back down. :) She met the height requirements for the rides, but we have to remember that she's only 2 and tall for her age.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Girls!

Be Safe!

My nephew Shawn received his first assignment and unfortunately for us he's being sent to Seoul, South Korea for 2 years. We pray that he stays safe and also learns and explores plenty while he's there. I have a feeling we'll become experts with Skype. We're very proud of him. We love and miss you Shawn.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Lily had a great time coloring eggs, searching for eggs and her basket. She even offered to share with Olivia. This year was Easter with the Janzen's. Grammy and Granpa hid eggs for the kids as well. You can see the excitement in the video of Lily looking for eggs and opening them. Michael tried to show Lily how to fly her kite, it lasted about 30 seconds before getting stuck in the tree. Hope everyone had a great holiday.