Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Olive Garden

We took Lily out to eat dinner for the first time. We've done breakfast, but never dinner. We went to Olive Garden and Lily couldn't decide what she wanted off the menu.

(she did eat all her pasta and bread sticks)

A few of Lily's favorite things...

These are Lily's favorite toys right now. She'll point to Big Bird and try to say his name. She still loves her flap books. She'll make her dolls dance and gives them kisses. She likes to push the button on the snow globe and point at Pooh and Tigger.

Big Bird, Ernie, Cookie Monster, Elmo and Grover
Books, Books and more books.

baby, ball popper and spin an animal

Mickey Mouse!
Snow Globe!

New baby doll

Happy 9th Birthday Bean!

I can't believe that Bean is already 9! She's getting gray, but other than that you wouldn't know she was 9. Happy Birthday Bean!

Merry Christmas!

On the 23rd, Grammy and Papa came over to give Lily early Christmas presents. She opened the stocking that took Grammy a VERY long time to make. It's beautiful!

Papa drew a picture for her, we have it framed and matted in her bedroom. Lily loves Big Bird right now.

Christmas Eve - Lily had no stranger danger and really no nap either. :) Our day started off with getting ready to go see daddy at work and ended up with a flat tire (vent for another time), still made it to visit dad, then off to the Lane's Christmas. Lily had a great time hanging out with her cousins. Santa also came to visit. It was hard to get the 4 littler ones together with Santa for a picture. The good things was there were no meltdowns. Santa also came to visit Lily, Emma and Jack at Chris & Gwen's, but I have no photos of that since it was captured on video.
Merry Christmas! Santa was very good to all of us, and I hope he was to all of you. Lily received her first letter from Santa. When Michael and I read Lily her cards from us, Michael got a kiss from Lily and I got a fussy baby. I think she's going to be a daddy's girl.
After presents and naps at home, we headed over to the Janzen's for more presents, naps and Christmas dinner.
Lily was very excited about her big Big Bird.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas card attempt!

I tried to get a picture of Bean, Winnie and Lily for this years Christmas card. HA! I'll try again next year.

Let it snow!

Michael and Lily got all bundled up to go play in the snow. Bean had to have her coat on as well. Bean and Lily didn't last very long. :)


On December 11th, We went to the Walnut Room again this year, but this time with another generation. Breakfast was great, the tree was beautiful, but we were a little disappointed that there's no longer a F.A.O in Macy's.

Getting Christmas Wishes!

mmm food!

December 19th, We went to see A Christmas Carol at the Goodman and to Lawry's for dinner. This was the first time besides work that we were gone from Lily for this long. I think her and Ms. Teresa had a wonderful time. While waiting to be seated we had drinks at the bar, and I got gum on the bottom of my skirt. The staff at Lawry's was wonderful about the entire thing and it didn't ruin our evening at all. Michael decided that we needed to bring some Prime Rib home for Lily (which she loved the next day for lunch), people normally bring home doggy bags for them or their dogs, not their 10 month old. :)

I feel terrible that I've accidentally deleted the group picture taken at Lawry's. SORRY!

10 Months Old today!

Always together!
Really? Have you not learned your lesson yet Mom?
Hanging out with dad after getting her 10 month pictures taken. Lily is very excited when she can get her socks off, even more so when Winnie licks her feet.
We had no doctor's visit this month, but I would guess she's around 25lbs.

Immunizations: Lily received her 2nd dosage of the H1N1 shot, and did very well.Teeth: We still have the same 4.

Food: Still an average of 24oz of milk and she's now on 3 meals a day with solids. She eats anything & everything except fish/shellfish and nuts. We're thinking about switching out her morning bottle with a sippy cup, we'll see. She still loves to share, but won't share foods she really loves. Her love for cream cheese is funny, but scary at the same time. She still feeds Bean & Winnie frequently.

Development: She's babbling a lot! She'll sign for Milk, More, All done, and Don't know. Lily still points and grunts at everything. We're trying to get her to say Ho! Ho! Ho!, we can get 1 Ho!. When asked what does a sheep say, she'll respond with "Bah". She's gotten on all 4's with her crawling, but still no forward motion. She has really developed a personality now.
Sleep: Her routine is the same as previous months. We're very fortunate that we now have a good sleeper and napper.
Toys: She still uses the Jumperoo and Exersaucer, but is starting to lose interest in her Jumperoo. She loves to play with her blocks and to knock them over. She also loves her "baby" and will give baby kisses.

Company Christmas Party!

Lily got to see Santa today. It didn't go too badly...until they started to ring the bells. :)

Christmas Shopping with no coats!

It was still a little warm around here so we went to Long Grove to do a little Christmas shopping. He're Michael and Lily by the ducks. Lily also got to see Santa walking around, she just stared at him.

1st "Babysitter"

My niece Sarah came to watch Lily so Michael & I could go see A Christmas Carol in 3D at the Imax with his family. I think it took Sarah longer in her commute than it did for us to see the movie. Thank you Sarah for coming to watch Lily on your day off.
Lily said "Ho!" today. We're trying to get her to say "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Happy Thanksgiving!

Stopped to see the Janzen's in the am.

Jack, Emma & Lily

5 generations!

Lily was done with her dress when it was time to eat. She was very excited about the sweet potatoes that Uncle Robb made. NUM! NUM! is all we heard. :)