Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Relay for Life!

For our 13th year at the Relay for Life, our team Triskaidekafundia” (13 years of fun and fund raising). We will be participating in the Gurnee Relay at Warren High School on July 10th. Join us at the American Cancer Society Relay For Life or make a donation to our team and help us support the fight against cancer!

If you can't pronounce our name, don't worry, half of us can't either. :)

If you'd like to see previous Relays visit:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Toys!

Lily really liked her cousin Emma's house that we started to look for one for our home. Cousin Kathy was having a garage sale and we got Lily a new playhouse, jungle jim, kitchen, and her first Jeep! (I'll post pictures of her playing with the other stuff later). I'm not sure if she likes opening and closing the doors more or "talking" on the phone.


We try to take Bean, Winnie and Lily for a walk every night after dinner, weather permitting. If we have time we'll walk across the field to the park to play for a bit. Bean and Winnie love to run in the field. Winnie tries to chase the birds and we laugh. Lily is starting to like the swings, but she still prefers the slides.

The Shedd

Lily sitting on a turtle statue before leaving

Smiling when she looked up and could see the fish swimming above herwhat Lily is smiling about
in front of the big tank in the middle of the Shedd
Turtle! Turtle! Turtle!

We took Lily to the Shedd for the first time and I think I had the most fun. Lily's favorites were of course the turtles, dolphins and sea lions. Michael enjoyed the dolphins and sharks. We all know that mine was the sharks. :) I loved the shark exhibit and have been waiting a long time to see it (right Michael). Lily chanted "turtle! turtle! turtle!" most of the day.

Happy Birthday Uncle Chris!

Lily now calls Chris "Kunckle". She had a great time exploring in his backyard...water, little house, slide, doll house, oh boy! Hope you had a great birthday Chris and are enjoying your iTouch (and of course your other gifts) :)

Polka Photos

Aleks was in town and took some family pictures for us at Independence Grove. Unfortunately, the weather was not in our favor so we didn't get as many shots as we had hoped for. Lily had only been walking for a couple of days, so she did better than I had expected. Aleks was even able to capture Lily getting up on her own for the first time. :)

Pool Time!

Cousin's Emma and Jack came over to help Lily break in her new pool. They had a lot of fun!


Lily has discovered a new love for the heating/ac vents. Every time she's by them and it turns on, she has to put her face down to have the wind blow on her face. She has also discovered her belly button. The first couple days after she found it, it was bright red because she has to put her finger in it every.single.time!


all this waving has made me thirsty!

Lily loves to watch people and cars go by and will wave to everyone. Here's a few pictures of her sitting on a bench in downtown Libertyville in her "happy place".

Lamb's Farm

We took Lily to Lamb's Farm to see all the animals, ride the train and carousel. We got to see the animals, ride the train and after lunch were going to ride the carousel, but didn't. We'll have to go back again for a ride. Lily had a great time and would get so excited each time she'd see a new animal. She also got to see a turtle in the little discovery barn.

~Lily's favorite word right now is turtle.~

Mornings with Lily

Every morning Grandpa Janzen comes to pick up Lily. This is what happens when she hears the garage door opening. She runs to the door yelling "Papa! Papa!"

Woobie Napper!

Lily is only allowed to have her woobie at bedtime, because woobie = finger sucking. Here are pics of Lily getting caught sneaking her woobie out of her crib.

Catching Up!

I thought that once Lily started to walk that I'd have more time to blog...boy was I wrong! I don't know what I was thinking! Here are some pictures from the end of April and May to get you caught up on how she's doing! Lily also started walking on her own May 14th and she's been off and running ever since.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I keep saying that I'm going to get Lily's haircut, and then at the last minute I change my mind. I've been trying new styles to see how long I can go before getting it cut. I'm not sure why I feel this way, since I have no issue cutting mine off.