Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We're Moving!

We'll be closing on our townhouse and the new house on Monday, August 18th! We'll be moving from Vernon Hills to Libertyville. I'll post more pictures after we move in and some before/after photos as we do some work to it. We're very excited about our new home.

July 4 - July 15 Vacation

Michael and I piled into the Element and headed off for another "driving vacation". We went to Cooperstown, NY to see the Baseball Hall of Fame. Stopped in Portland, ME. Then onto Nova Scotia to see the Cabot Trail. Took a 6 hour ferry ride (each way) to Newfoundland for Gros Morne National Park and the West Brook Pond. Then back to Nova Scotia...Quebec...Niagra Falls, home. We put over 5000 miles on the Element, and we were still talking to each other when we returned home. :)

First Trimester over!

The first trimester is now behind us! I've been VERY fortunate to feel well overall. I only had bits of nausea when I would let myself get hungry. I can't complain. We go back to the doctor on Wednesday, July 30th.


July 17, 2008 - 12w3d
Went for our first trimester screening and got to see the baby again. WOW! what a difference 2 weeks makes.
July 2, 2008 - 10w3d
Went to hear the heartbeat today, but couldn't find it on the doppler so we got another ultrasound. Baby is doing great!
June 4, 2008 - 6w3d
I know I'm very small, but I'll start growing soon.

Telling the Families...

After finding out we were expecting, we had to figure out how to tell our parents.

June 20, 2008

We invited Michael's parents over for Chinese. We had fortune cookies made up that said "Congratulations Grandma & Grandpa". It took a few minutes to figure it out, but once they did, everyone was very excited. Michael and I had already known for a couple of weeks, but wanted to wait a while before telling our family. After dinner we went over to his brother's house to hang out with them, and then shared the news. They didn't believe us as first. :)

June 22, 2008

I made t-shirts for Bean and Winnie to wear to my parents house. Bean's shirt said "I'm the BIG sister", Winnie's said "I'm the middle sister" and mine said "I'm the little ?, EDD: January 25, 2009". At first my parents thought we were getting another dog. After a couple of minutes it clicked that we were having a baby!

I called my sisters and nieces and nephews to share the news as well. Everyone is very shocked as well as excited.