Bean has had liver disease since she was 2, and has done well with all of her meds. Last week, things were different, her eye would "float" or get stuck in one direction. We went to the vet and they told us she had a fungal infection as was the spot on her back, gave us some meds for that and some drops for her eye. Her eye got better and patch on the back was healing. This week, she seemed off but in a different way. She wasn't eating, or active and she had stopped drinking copious amounts of water, and had started to limp, we called the vet again. Wednesday night we noticed her breathing seemed labored. We joked that the poor girl was falling apart. Michael sat in the office for 3 hours and they told us that she more than likely had cushing's disease and the leg issue was neurological. The chest x-ray showed that she either had in inflamed heart or that there was a mass there, they were sending them to a cardiologist, and then an oncologist...they both concluded that they thought it was cancer, we could do more blood work to find out for sure. Michael said we would talk about the mean time she wasn't eating, or walking. Michael had to carry her outside. We called to ask the vet a few more questions before giving an answer on what to do next and Bean had an accident where she was lying down. I went to move her to clean it up and she couldn't stand. We decided that we would need to put her down. The vet said to come in. This poor pup had fought the liver disease for 8 years, and that wasn't what was making her sick, her body was shutting down on her. We're only 5 minutes from the vet, and as we pulled in Michael said he thought she was having a seizure. We walk in the room, and was gone...she had made the decision for us. She lived a fun full life and will be greatly missed.
RIP Bean we love you!