Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2009 Relay for Life

This year my team and I will embark on our 12th Relay for Life. We will be participating in the Gurnee Relay at Warren High School on July 11th. Join us at the American Cancer Society Relay For Life or make a donation to our team and help us support the fight against cancer!

If you'd like to see previous Relays visit:

Monday, May 25, 2009

3 Month pictures (a little late)

We had Jenni from Lion's Roar Media come to the house to take 3 month pictures of Lily. Granted due to schedules and everything, it's closer to her 4 month pictures. :) Here are a few teaser pictures that Jenni sent to us. I can't wait to see the rest of them.

Monday, May 18, 2009

What is this thing called "Bumbo"?

Lily is getting much better with tummy time. Over the weekend, she even fell asleep for a few minutes during tummy time. She's very close to rolling over as well. We decided to try her in her Bumbo and she seemed to like it. I think she prefers her fingers over everything. :)

Now you see it! Now you don't!

We had the big Spruce tree cut down last week. We had mixed feelings about it, but now we're SO happy we did it. I've been able to eat lunch outside with the pups and NO BUGS! We had a bit of a nat infestation before. We weren't sure if it was the tree or not, but now that it's gone, we're pretty sure it was. Michael has done a ton of work on the yard so far, I'll post pictures when he's done. This year is just clean up. We're pulling out weeds, plants, flowers, trees, bushes, gardens, rocks, etc. Next year, we'll plant things we like. We're also thinking about expanding our fence line on the one side.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lily floor time!

When Lily tries to do tummy time or just playing on the floor, her bigger sisters have to take part in it. I just wish I could get Winnie to run off with the Cubs ball, but no luck so far. Michael is really trying to make sure she's a Cubs fan. :)

3 Months!

Lily didn't seem to mind the big teddy bear this month. Lily likes to "talk", has gotten her ah-goo's down pretty well. She's also started to blow raspberries. She still hates tummy time, but we're working on it. Her head control has improved a lot and she's started to be more comfortable in other holding positions. We've gone for a few walks, and can't wait for the nice weather to get here and stay. Lily is also enjoying her baths more and more and has even started to splash a little.
Lily is great at sleeping through the night, we just need to keep working on getting her to nap better.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

No more tears!

Lily has finally gotten to the point where she likes bath time. Her bath time is so quick and tearful that we don't even try to get pictures of her. It's in and out as fast as possible. Michael and I always dreaded bath time as much as Lily did, we didn't like to see her get so upset. She now will kick, smile and eat her fingers!