Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tunnel fun!

Lily will go through the tunnel, if she's not dragging a toy behind her, it's one of the dogs. She loves to stop and play peek-a-boo out the windows.

Go Cubs!

The Easter bunny brought Lily a Ted Lilly shirt, I think Santa will need to put a Red Sox one in her stocking. :)

Happy Easter!

Natalie was having fun with the toys as well as the pups.
Natalie liked to ride in the wagon. Lily likes to push the wagon.

I found another snack!
We've started to rotate Easter and Thanksgiving between the Janzen's and the Lane's to make it easier on us. This year Easter was with the Lane's and we actually hosted it. I made my first ham and from what I heard it was edible, or they were being very nice to me. We had Easter dinner with Mom, Dad, Theresa, Jerry, Jeremy, Natalie, Sam, Ryan, Grandma Webb, Lily, Michael and I.

Easter Egg Hunt

We started Easter morning off with an Easter Egg hunt. We hid over a dozen plastic eggs filled with goodies. Lily also found her Easter basket. Grammy and Grandpa Janzen came to see us in the morning since we were having Easter with the Lane family. Lily had a lot of fun looking for her eggs. She would find an egg, shake it, and then open it to get the snack.

The Easter Bunny!

Lily had been sick and we weren't up for any long trips to the mall, or anywhere else for that matter. We got to see the Easter Bunny at Jewel. :) Lily was ok with him at first until Michael and I started to walk away. She gave him a look like "hi" and then another one with "wait, why are you holding me". She didn't have a melt down, so that was good.

The Pizza Place

Lily loved playing with Tina's bracelet!
Sharing with Grandpa

Lily and I met Grandma & Grandpa Lane as well as Aunt Tina & Uncle Jimy at the Pizza Place for lunch. We hadn't been there since we moved out of the area in 1992! It reminded all of us how much we liked their pizza (and remembered their phone number). Lily didn't get to try any of the yummy pizza because she still wasn't feeling herself.

Easter eggs!

We "tried" to color Easter eggs with Lily. I think we'll have better luck next year when she's a little older. She did have a good time putting Winnie the Pooh stickers on the eggs.

Happy Birthday Dad Janzen!


All the grandkids

Emma helping Grammy with the candles

April 2nd, we celebrated Dad's birthday with a lot of good food, trip to the park, presents, family, cake and ice cream.

Come on! Let's go!

Off to the park! Lily wasn't so sure about the swings, but she loved the slides. She even tried to climb up the slide after she went down.

Big girl car seat

We've had Lily's car seats turned around so she's now forward facing. She was very excited about being able to stretch and kick her legs as well as look out the window. She also enjoyed having the windows down.

Going for a swim!

Michael, Chris, Lily and Emma went for a swim at the Y.

Tommy Nevin's

Emma liked Lily's purse, she's good with sharing.
Michael, Emma, Lily, Grammy
Lily & Aunt Gwen

Jack & GrammyOutfit change!

We went to Tommy Nevins in Evanston to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The music was great, good food and drinks. Everyone was having a good time...until...Lily got sick! She hadn't been feeling well a couple days prior, but we thought she was on the mend. Boy, were we wrong. This continued for 3 weeks! Here are a few pictures, and you'll see the outfit change as well, which Michael had to walk about a mile to get. We didn't have a change of clothes for her, so she went from green to blue. :)

The pile

Bean, Winnie & Lily - I call them the pile.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Play Time!

Lily loves to walk with her wagon, but she doesn't like for it to be empty. These are her favorite toys right now.

She loves her new block!

Lily got her first purse for her birthday, she loves it!

And...She's off!

Sweet Dreams!

On the very few occasions that we actually go in Lily's room when she's sleeping, this is what we find. Pictures taken by Grammy Janzen.