Thursday, October 2, 2008

End of an Era...for now!

I'm no longer a Jeep girl! :( We traded in the Wrangler for a Honda CR-V. The guys at Honda were happy to finally convert me after all these years, but I'm still a Jeep girl at heart. Everyone agrees that it's odd seeing my plate on a different black SUV. The CR-V is nice, it's just not "me". Michael is very pleased with the CR-V, especially the gas mileage (compared to the Jeep).


Steve said...

First the CR-V, next it'll be the "soccer-mom" car.

Glad to hear things are going along well and that you guys are doing good!

The Steres Family

muffinandbear said...

Hey - Steve already posted. But I'm in agreement with him. :)

Baby Newell said...