Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Finly update for 2008

We had a great Christmas. Finly received presents from friends and family and he/she's not even here yet. :) Both of our families are very excited and anxious for Finly to arrive (as are we).

I finally got around to setting up the crib. The mobile is up, sheets are clean and ready, blanket is on (for now), and the bumpers are on. YEAH! We're about 90% done with the room and should finish in the next week or so.

We had our 36 week appointment today. Finly is head down, but not low at all. Dr. Lee commented that I could be late. It must be a girl, she'll be late like her mom. ;) We now go to the doctor for weekly check ups. We'll discuss another ultrasound at next weeks appointment. This would be to gauge the size of Finly. Michael and I were both large babies, so there's some concern that Finly will be as well.

As for me...I'm getting bigger by the day. I'm also suffering from insomnia (there's a shocker), and I've started to have really bad pains in my fingers for the last week or so. The good thing is the leg cramps have seem to gone away, but now the fingers hurt. Dr. Lee said it's like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and it should go away after Finly arrives.

We hope everyone has a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Years!

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