Thursday, January 15, 2009

38 week update

Finly still thinks it's too cold to come out! No progress what so ever! :) The doctor will let me go as late as 41w4d, so that means Finly will be here no later than February 6th! He did say that things can change at any moment, but right now, Finly is very snug in there. With it being -25 outside, I'd stay where it's nice and warm as well.

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muffinandbear said...

Had lunch with Steve, Mike and J. Told them that it was going to be awhile. :)

Sorry that you have to wait to meet your little one - but they definitely come when they want to. It's much easier to wait than to rush someone that isn't quite ready :)

PS We're already taking bets as to see when #2 comes along!!!!