Saturday, February 14, 2009

First week in pictures

Lily hanging out in her boppy
Michael and Lily taking a nap together
The "girls" having tummy time, all in a row...Lily, Winnie and Bean
Lily trying to get milk from Michael
Lily dreaming about having tea with Grammy
Bean checking out Lily in her swing


Stephanie said...

She is beautiful! Can't wait to meet her!

Baby Newell said...

I love the Daddy/baby sleeping pictures.

Cherish every moment, it goes by fast!

Please let us know when you're ready for visitors, we can't wait for a cuddle!

muffinandbear said...

HOLY COW. 11lb, 3 oz - congrats on such a beautiful baby. She's yummy!!!!!

Can I ask if you had a c-section??

muffinandbear said...

Okay - shows me to read only the first two posts - and not the third!!!

Congrats again! Can't wait to meet her!!!

Dick said...

Congrats to you guys!! She's beautiful!!

Whitney said...

What a beautiful girl! I can't believe she's finally here! Gavin would love to met his future girlfriend when you guys are ready. Hope you're getting some sleep!