Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lily's Baptism

April 19th, Lily was baptised by Deacon George Kashmar at St. Joseph Church in Libertyville. Her godparents are my two sisters. Lily was a very good girl. She didn't cry when they blessed her with oil or water. This was pretty impressive since Lily doesn't like to get a bath. I gave her a bath in the morning and she didn't cry (this was a first), I wonder if she knew it was a big day for her. Lily was a little fussy in the beginning, but then she fell asleep. We're very proud of her.

We had everyone back to our place for a little party after the ceremony. Michael worked really hard to get the yard ready before everyone would be over. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate so no one got to see all the work he's done.
Lily and the blanket her great-grandmother Janzen made her
My parents, Michael, Lily and I
Michael's Family, Michael, Lily and I
Lily's Godparents (my sisters), Michael, Lily and I
Michael, Lily, and I
Deacon George Baptizing Lily.

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