Saturday, August 8, 2009

6 months old!

Weight: 18 lbs. 10 oz
Height: 27.5 inches
Head Circumference: 43cm

Immunizations: she took her shots well - cried only for a few seconds. The shots didn't seem to bother her this time.

Meals: She started to eat rice cereal and oatmeal around 5.5 months. She would blow raspberries on the spoon and have fun with it the first couple of tries. :) We'll introduce sweet potatoes, squash and carrots this week. I plan to make Lily's food. We've been putting the sippy cup on her tray at dinner time and she brings it to her mouth, but hasn't figured out that there's stuff in it. She still dislikes frozen milk. I have over 200 bags of 6oz each in our freezer and she has no desire, whatsoever!

Sleep: Lily has adjusted her sleeping schedule a little. She's still going to bed around 8pm and now gets up at 6:15. She's back to sleeping through the night. Her naps are getting better, which is making all of us happy. She's still taking 3 "cat naps" a day, morning, afternoon, and dinner time.

Development: Sitting up by herself for about a minute at a time, still falls over to the side and leans forward. Rolling from back to front and front to back, but doesn't like to for some reason. She still hates her tummy and is soothing herself, which means she's still "containable". She makes this face by scrunching up her nose and lips and makes noise, it's so funny! She enjoys "standing baby", peek-a-boo, giggles and laughing. Lots of babbling and new sounds all the time, she does a few consonant sounds. Responds to her name and watches and Michael and I are talking. She can pass things back and forth between her hands and is working on her pinching. She still likes to put her feet in her mouth. Still no teeth! I think she's starting to develop separation anxiety.

Favorite toys: She loves her Jumperoo, exersauser, and her taggie blanket.

Overall, she's still a happy baby.

She's in 6-9 clothing now.

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