Monday, September 28, 2009

7 months!

September 6, 2009, Lily is 7 months old today!
Stats: Weight: She's close to 20 pounds at this point, but of course no exact measurements without the doctor's visit. She's still comfortably in size 3 diapers. I think that the Carters onsies are in vanity sizing my little girl doesn't fit in 6-9 month and 9 month are SNUG. She's not THAT chunky. She's in some 6-9 month clothes (dresses), but mostly 9-12 months.

She got her first tooth at 6.5 months and her second tooth 2 days later.

Eating/Sleeping: She's loving solids. We're still trying foods, but so far Lily still likes her sweet potatoes the best. Cheerios and puffs are a close second. We'll start to introduce more finger foods this month. She took to the sippy right away. I wasn't going to give it to her this early, but she was really fascinated watching us drink. She's still STTN with 2 naps, we're still working on her naps.

She's rarely crabby, even though some days she will only take 2 short naps. (30-40 minutes). She does fairly well at night now sleeping 11 or so hours. She still has to be cuddles and rocked to sleep. Which I enjoy doing since it gives me more time at night with her.

Development: She's pretty much mastered sitting. She can sit on her own when I set her that way but she can't sit up on her own. We usually put a pillow behind her "just in case". She still doesn't quite get you need to put your hands out to catch yourself when she is sitting. Her dexterity is improving all the time. She's mastered the "whole hand" claw grip, and she's getting better & better with the pincher grip. She has really good hand coordination. She'll grab the spoon and stick it right in her mouth (sometimes flinging food around first!). She also is doing well at moving objects from one hand to another.

She is really into her toys & other small objects now. Anything that she can pick up, throw, bang, shove in her mouth, and shake is entertaining. She's happy playing by herself on the floor for long periods of time - her attention span has improved greatly.

She is happy, friendly, babbles a lot, and giggles, etc. She babbles mamamama, dadadada, bababba, papapapa (in a whisper).

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Baby Newell said...

Oh my gosh Lily! 7 months already?!? Time sure does go by fast doesn't it?