Wednesday, July 15, 2009

5th Months old!

July 6th - Lily is 5 months old today!

Stats:No doc appointment - but she is about 16 pounds. She's wearing 6-9 month onesies comfortably, but I can see that she'll grow out the torso length in the next month or so. Her pants are only 3 months.

Sleep:UGH - up and down. At the beginning of the 5th months, she was awesome. Self-soothing. Sleeping Through The Night. All of a sudden right before her 5 mo "birthday", all hell broke loose. She's been waking up every 2 hours some nights. We think it's because she's teething. We don't really follow the 90 minute rule for naps anymore. It's pretty easy to follow her signals. Generally, she takes 4 naps per day, but they are only 30-45 minutes long. She goes to bed every night around 8 & falls asleep easily. Generally wakes up between 7:30 and 8am.

Development: She is more and more fun every day. She's a little flirt. She smiles & laughs at everyone. She is comfortable with almost anyone & will flirt with them if they give her attention. She's still a really smiley, happy baby. Her little crime scene investigations have just accelerated - she will watch ANYTHING & everything going on around the room. She loves being held & loves being walked around to get a good look at everything. We like to take her and the pups for nightly walks, weather permitting.She rolls tummy to back, but she doesn't try it very often anymore. She is definitely trying to roll back to tummy & it will happen any day. She gets stuck on her side halfway over like she used to going tummy to back. She's getting stronger & stronger on her legs & likes to stand with support.I imagine that she will be sitting by 6 months - she's making progress towards sitting unsupported every day. Right now she will fall backwards or occasionally forward when we stop holding her hands when she's sitting.She does a lot of babbling, but it's mostly vowel sounds. Lots of squealing & squawking.

We'll be starting Lily on cereal in a few weeks.

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