Thursday, October 8, 2009

8 Months!

Stats: No doctor's appointment again this month. I would guess she's around 21lbs. She's wearing 12 months clothes, and a few 12-18 months.

Teeth: She still has just the bottom 2

Food: Still an average of 24oz of milk and she's now on 3 meals a day with solids. For breakfast she has cereal and fruit, lunch is vegetables and fruit, and dinner is cereal and vegetables. Of course, she'll have her Cheerios and puffs. She's also started graham crackers, pancakes, and bagels. We'll start to introduce proteins in the upcoming weeks. She becomes disinterested really quickly in being spoon-fed and loves to blow raspberries instead. Finger food, that's a whole nother story..... She LOVES's to feed herself! I'm still making her food.

Development - Babbling all the time now. She likes to wave and is clapping a little better. We've noticed that she's also starting to dance when she hears music. She's still scooting backwards or will move around in a circle, but hasn't tried to really crawl yet. She's learning to go from sitting to her belly. She's also discovered her woobie. She self-soothes herself by sucking on her two fingers and holding her woobie. I love when I go in to get her in the morning and she reaches for me. :)

Sleep: Transitioned from 3 to 2 naps, her napping is SO much better. She's averaging 1.5 hours in the morning and almost the same in the afternoon, this is a big change for her. We're not sure if it's just her getting older, of if it's because she's at Grammy and Papa's everyday now. Whatever it is, I'm happy she's napping better. :) As for bedtime, we've been putting her down sleepy but awake lately, and not rocking her to sleep. She had a rough couple of weeks where she'd wake up after an hour and would cry. It would take Michael going in there to rub her head for her to go back to sleep. She didn't want me to do it, she wanted him. I'm hoping we're past that now. Lily goes to bed around 8pm and is up at 7am.

Toys: She still really enjoys her cups, spinning wheel and anything she can chew on. She's starting to lose interest in her Jumperoo and Exersaucer.

Generally, she's extremely curious, active, strong, and happy. She does really well if we are out and about. She loves seeing/doing new things. She's getting a little clingier, but that hasn't stopped her much. Just a general joy who exhausts mommy and daddy particularly at diaper changes!


Baby Newell said...

Wow Lily, you are growing up so fast! Congrats on all your new accomplishments! I agree that finger foods are more fun than being spoon fed. Here's a hint: it is REALLY fun to drop food from your highchair and watch it hit/splat on the ground! :)

Janzens said...

It never hits the ground with two dogs at her feet! :)